13 Reasons Why (You Should Go to the Lupus Walk)

1. You can get some exercise. Full disclosure: I’ve never actually crossed the finish line at the lupus walk (because I have lupus). I mostly show up an hour late, sit in a lawn chair, and eat the free breakfast tacos and muffins. I’m only speculating about the exercise part and can’t speak from experience.

This year’s walk takes place at Walter Hall Park. I wasn’t able to find out exactly how far we’ll be walking, but it’s usually 3-5km. Don’t feel like walking that much? Sit with me and eat tacos.

You can look up the route here and Walter Hall Park here.

2. You get to meet lots of people with lupus. People with lupus are known for being really fun to hang out with. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my mom and my best friend.

3. People with lupus tend to have memory problems. If you wear an ugly tracksuit, we will absolutely forget about it the next day.+



4.You get a free T-shirt (if you register and pay the $20 registration fee). Register here.

5. You can bring your dog. In fact, you can even sign your dog up to walk under the LuPAWS registration for $10 and get a bandana for your pet to wear. My dogs go to the lupus walk every year to be supportive (and because they also like tacos).


6. The Galveston Walk is called the “Walk to End Lupus NOW.” I’m always intrigued by the “NOW” at the end. If I finally manage to cross the finish line, will we all suddenly not have lupus anymore? Will we magically transform like The Beast did when the last petal fell off the enchanted rose? This remains to be seen, but at the very least, we will have raised money and awareness for a worthy cause.

7. Did I mention breakfast tacos?


8. You can help raise money for people with lupus. Funds raised go towards research and providing medication for patients who can’t afford it.

9. You don’t have to have lupus to participate. Lupus isn’t contagious, so you will still not have lupus when you leave.

10. You can brag to your friends about how productive you were on Saturday morning. You can exercise, raise money for charity, and eat a healthy breakfast- all before 9am. (The walk starts at 7:15am).

11. You can also show up much later than 7am. Anyone who knows me is aware that the only reason I’d ever be out of bed at 7am would be if my house caught on fire. I’m definitely not going to be lacing up my running shoes at 7:15am. I typically show up fashionably late around 8:30 or 9- and you can, too!

12. Participating in lupus walk helps you understand lupus better as well as increases awareness of the disease in the community. If I could pinpoint the one thing that would most improve my life as a lupus patient, it wouldn’t necessarily be better medication. It would be awareness. Having to explain over and over why I don’t do mornings, why I can’t be around you if you’re sick, and how I actually do have a real illness even though I “look fine” is exhausting. If everyone took one small step to educate themselves and others about invisible illness, the lives of sick people everywhere would be just a little easier.

13. Walter Hall Park is full of pokestops. If you visit enough of them, you might even get a king’s rock or metal coating to evolve your onix or polywhirl right in time for the Rock Pokemon Migration- umm…I mean…that’s what someone told me. I don’t play Pokemon Go myself.



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